*AS OF 11/02/2017


Surveys were mailed out to the residents of the 800 block of Hiland to determine how many people occupy a residence and their income level. Its a requirement from the State of Pennsylvania. These will be used to apply for a PA State Grant for nearly half a million dollars to pave that block and install ADA ramps at each corner.
This was also attempted last year, but the borough's application could not be considered because there were not enough completed and returned surveys. If you receive a survey, please be sure to complete it and mail it back!

Sylvan Ave

  • Repaired retaining wall
  • Section of road and storm sewer were replaced
  • Status: completed
  • Cost: $40,000

parking lot, 935 5th Ave

  • Three sections of parking lot were milled and overlayed
  • Status: completed
  • Cost: $130,000
2017-07-26 Parking Lots Resurfaced (2).jpg

900 block of first ave

  • Part of 2017 Roadway Improvement Project
  • CWSA is also replacing stormwater and sewer lines
  • Status: starting in next couple of weeks
  • Combined Preliminary Cost of Project: $350,000 + 

  • Part of 2017 Roadway Improvement Project
  • Status: starting in next couple of weeks
  • Combined Preliminary Cost of Project: $350,000 + 

1000-1200 blocks of 2nd ave and marion dr

  • Crack sealing throughout town to preserve newly paved asphalt
  • Status: coming in November
  • Cost: $15,000


  • Spot brick repairs throughout town
  • Status: work has started. Roads that will be completed this year have been marked with paint. The rest will be done next year.
  • Preliminary Cost: $300,000+

all streets (brick)



800 block of Hiland Ave:

(left) Broadway and Pine; (middle) Mulberry and Pine Alley; (right) 1500 block of Vance:

(left) 1100 block of Vance; (right) 1100 block of Ridge:

1600 and 1700 blocks of Vance:

  • Road reconstruction with concrete work due to July 2017 line break
  • CWSA replaced water line 5th Ave - 6th Ave
  • Status: work began 9/25/17 was completed 11/3/17: ROAD IS OPEN!
  • Cost: $200,000

main st, 5th-6th ave

  • Water Main Break October 25, 2017
  • Status: Water line is repaired. Road re-repair in process.

Broadway & Pine Alley  


  • How do I know if my street will be fixed this year?
    • If it's marked with paint, it will be fixed this year. If not, it will be on the list for next year.
  • Will Main St. be fixed higher than 6th?
    • A: Not at this time, but eventually. Main is new from Neely to Cemetery. So the final section to replace would be from 6th to Neely. Definitely in the future.
  • Will Main St. at Hiland be fixed this year?
    • A: The borough currently has a State Grant in for that intersection, complete with ADA ramps. With no State Budget, it most likely will not be until next year (or when Grant comes in). It's definitely on the borough's list.
  • What about excessive speeding, especially on Vine Street?
    • A: Councilmen met with traffic study consultants on 10/17/2017 on the feasibility of speed bumps in multiple area's where excessive speeding is a problem. They discussed Main, Neeley, Woodlawn, and Vine. Traffic Control has collected data at all of these very bad spots. It was expressed at the Workshop Meeting on November 1st that it is likely being recommended that four way stops be installed at each point along those roads. However, Council is going to discuss this in greater detail at the Regular Meeting on November 8th
    • A. (re: Vine, specifically): Council is aware of the excessive speed on Vine Street and the issue of the safety of children at bus stops. The Police Chief has been at that location and monitored. They are working closely with engineers about the possibility of putting in speed bumps. Council is trying to expedite this to control traffic in that area. People are coming from Montour and taking a detour on Vine. Even school buses are in violation of speed. They are aware and are doing something about it. “We’re not going to stand for this speeding any longer.” Chief Denbow is going to get one of the speed signs up there and begin collecting data. There are no cameras on those electronic signs. They will see if TransAssociates can add to their scope and handle this. Would like to do something within the next 90 days, if possible. (10/11/17)
  • Why did it take so long to fix Main Street?
    • A: The borough is not allowed to just call in any contractor and fix a project of this scope unless it's an absolute emergency. When the line broke in July, an emergency temporary repair was made, and the other utilities were notified that the borough would be needing to make a much larger repair. Columbia Gas then replaced lines and valves in this area prior to the rest of the work beginning. At the time, the damage to the sub-structure of the road and that it extended almost to 5th Ave, was not yet observable. So engineering had to be done, in order to repair the roadway and all the infrastructure under it. Unfortunately this all takes time. Remarkably, the engineers did this job in about a month. After that, the bid specifications have to be advertised for a specific time, and any interested bidder has to respond in a specific time frame. These procedures have to be followed by any government body. The CWSA awarded this bid in August. The contractor then has to have pre-construction meetings with the engineer to ensure the entire scope of work is understood and completed correctly. Then, per the contract, they have approximately 30 days to start work, and generally have a timeframe of 45 to 60 days to complete the project. Barring any unexpected problems with any areas of the project (very rarely do you not run into anything unexpected), the contractor usually keeps within the time frame. The borough is very thorough with such a big project, because if something is missed, the road must be dug up again. The borough has moved faster on this project than any other project in recent history. Council's Road Improvement Program has approved to have Main Street resurfaced in concrete from 5th to 6th, which will give all residents a much better, longer-lasting road surface on that steep grade.