Coraopolis Municipal Building

1301 Fourth Avenue


First Regular Council Meeting, October 11, 2017


Groundbreaking Ceremony

Total Cost, including furniture and landscaping, is projected to come in just under $4 million. The project came in on budget, and was completed without having to raise borough taxes.


tour of new Borough Building with State Representative Anita Astorino Kulik, August 2017

1012 Fifth Avenue


Built in 1929. Building interior is filled with hazardous mold requiring extensive remediation. Walls would need to be stripped to the studs, essentially starting from scratch. An Engineer was brought in, and his report estimated a minimum of $3.6 million to rehab the building and bring it up to code, assuming there was no asbestos or hidden damage or structural problems once they were able to look behind the walls. This also did not include replacing and professionally cleaning all contaminated contents of the building. Timing was critical because borough employees had begun showing adverse health effects.