Now what?

Now let’s get to work!

During the course of 2018, I will be forming 12 working committees around each of the “Advantages” that we’ve all been talking about and I’m inviting any interested resident and business owner to work alongside me.  The idea is simple: each group will create vision, an action plan, timeline, and all work together to make it happen. It won’t all happen overnight, but it will happen.  The outcomes of these small groups will support the work being done by borough council and other organizations in town, so that – as a community – we plan, grow and flourish together. Groups will be limited in size, and include those who are willing and able to roll up sleeves and work (rather than armchair quarterbacks and critics). 

If you’re interested in getting involved, please click on the application, below, and tell us why!

Mayor Shawn Reed

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