Coraopolis Borough Council

Workshop Meeting, November 1, 2017

The following notes are not authoritative and should not be construed as such. They are in no way official Council Minutes. This is not a complete transcript, as these are not based on a recording, but are notes compiled in real time based on live attendance by a citizen-volunteer attendee. As such, these notes have not been reviewed, or in any way sanctioned, by Council or the Borough of Coraopolis. The following notes are intended simply as a rough overview/update for Coraopolis residents who were unable to attend in person. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the official minutes should contact the Coraopolis Borough Office at (412) 264-3002.

Meeting called to order

In attendance: Robb Cardimen, Edward Pitassi, Linc Jackson, Rudy Bolea, Michael Williams, Dave Pendel, Dan Larocco, Ray McCutcheon, John May

Not Present: Anthony Celeste, John Pessy

Questions on the Agenda

Motion to accept the resignation of Rose Scappe as a School Crossing Guard.

  • Motion:         Larocco        
  • 2nd:               Williams
  • Roll call vote passed.
  • Robb Cardimen thanked her for over 54 years of service to the borough and school district.

Motion to advertise 2018 General Fund Budget.

  • Motion:         Pendel
  • 2nd:               Bolea
  • Roll call vote passed.

Ray McCutcheon requests questions/comments once it is reviewed. Will pass at regular council meeting in December. No tax increase based on this budget.

Motion to payoff skid steer lease in the amount of $31,714.80.

  • Motion:         Larocco
  • 2nd:               Pitassi
  • Roll call vote passed.

Ray McCutcheon: this is final three years of lease. Might as well pay it off and get it behind us.

Motion to advertise for the sales of various used police vehicles, a Public Works used truck and various Public Works items.

  • Motion:         Rudy Bolea 
  • 2nd:               Linc Jackson
  • Roll call vote passed.

Clarification from John May:

  • 4 Police Vehicles:
    • ’99 Chevy Suburban with blown engine with 109,000 miles – cost prohibitive to repair. Body is fair. Only salvage amount expected.
    • 2006 Ford Crown Victoria. Undercarriage carries too much rust. Frame in jeopardy. Runs okay. Cost prohibitive to repair undercarriage.
    • 2009 Ford Crown Victoria. In excess of 139,000. Very poor running condition. Needs engine also. Still runs and drives. Cost to repair is prohibitive.
    • Chevrolet Impala that also has undercarriage rust.
  • Street Department Vehicles:
    • ’99 F550 with 5-speed transmission previously used as plough truck. Repair to replace transmission, transfer case, and body is cost prohibitive. Dump box has been removed and placed on working a F550. This one will be a salvage bid.
    • V Hopper Spreader that we don’t use anymore. (Tailgate spreaders are now used.) This is very good permission. Will have minimum bid.
    • Portable light tower may go up for bid.
    • Misc. traffic signals and small items that we may open up or offers.


  • FEMA trailer is being used by canine for training for searches, so we are keeping this. Patched ceiling part that was leaking. May go in the next year or two.
  • The 2009 car is a police car, it’s not the Shade Tree vehicle.
  • The GMC is still in service. Shade Tree Commission has used it. Pretty bad shape. Transmission is failing. Still operation for now. This is a CWSA vehicle anyway.
  • Are any of the police cars worth keeping as deterrent/decoy? None of the vehicles are currently inspected, and to have them on the street, they would have to have current inspection. The tires were donated to a street department vehicle, so one police vehicle doesn’t have tires. They used as much of these as they could before decided to get rid of them.
  • Money from sales go to general fund.
  • Ray McCutcheon: This will be done by sealed bid, not auction. Council can reject any bid.

Discuss cleaning service or a part-time custodian for new municipal building.

They have priced out services. Currently, come in twice a week, empty garbage, do sweeping/mopping. May not maintain this very well since very basic service. Suggest hiring a part-time custodian/janitor to come in daily for a few hours. Could do light maintenance, set up chairs, change light bulbs, etc. Looking for someone who would treat this building like their own. Concerns about up-charge for any add-ons with a service. A custodian could do one-off jobs to assist with upkeep.

Motion to advertise for part-time custodian position.

  • Motion:         Bolea
  • 2nd:               Pendel
  • Passed.

Clarification: They will work on job description and pay rate separately, prior to interview process. Custodian and light maintenance to be specified in advertisement for now.

Discuss waste collection fees.

We haven’t raised garbage rates for quite some time. $40.02/quarter right now. Recommend increase to $43/quarter. Next year’s collection fee is projected to be $400,000. Taking in about $20,000 short of that with the rate right now. To cover the shortfall without dipping into tax money, we need to increase by $3.

Motion to raise rate of Waste Collection Fees to $43 per quarter per resident starting as of January 1, 2018.

  • Motion:         Bolea
  • 2nd:               Williams
  • Roll call vote passed.

Discuss holiday celebration on Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Coraopolis celebration including cookie walk and stores will be trying to stay open longer. In past years, the borough purchase tree in front of gazebo? Ray at Emma Jean’s will assist with decorating. Scouts would like to do caroling during the cookie walk and activity at the VFW in the afternoon. RMU Is not available this year – last year they did a few songs. Pam has offered to coordinate the event. She is collaborating with Cornell Band. Not sure where to get the tree this year. Fire Department can give Santa a ride. No motion needed at this time.


Linc Jackson

None at this time.

Rudy Bolea

None at this time.

Michael Williams

Last nice weekend. Careful on the streets. Mindful attention to roadwork, particularly during winter season.

Dan Larocco

Thank John May for repair work, saving borough money.

Edward Pitassi

New signs – where you’re going to be voting. Bill Bolonski in Crescent Twp. He took care of that for us.

Shade Tree – big volume of new volunteers. About 11 so far and counting. Going to set a big meeting to discuss what people would like to do. Lots of people wanting to be tree tenders.

Discussion on slowing traffic down, especially on Main Street in the first ward. Not sure if speed bumps is the right way to go. Maybe stop signs. Corner of Neely Heights and Main Street. Even school buses. It’s shaking people’s houses.

Pittsburgh West Side News is willing to advertise. It’s a paper publication. In place of prior advertisements borough used to put in the Trib, could now use this as an outlet. No cost to the borough.

Michael Williams

Borough website not operating properly last week. On desktops and laptops it was buggy last week. (DEP out of Crafton built the site.)

David Pendel

Nothing. All of his comments are for executive sessions.

Robb Cardimen

Need to create a line-item for budget for property maintenance of this building. Must put money aside every year. Can’t rely on reserve. Need to regularly set aside money for repairs of this building. 1% of annual budget should be set aside to protect the investment of this structure. Can very quickly go from having a reserve to not having a reserve. Repairing the building should not come out of the reserve. We have a year warranty on this building, but we need to be maintenance-driven. This is an asset of the taxpayer’s money. We are stewards of the taxpayers. We need to make sure this is maintained properly with documented preventative maintenance.

Council needs to look at this for future infrastructure for roads too. We need to look at road maintenance. Seal coating (tar and chipping of road) adds to life of roadway.

Vine Street, Main Street. Talks with engineers and solicitor. For safety of residents and students, make 4-way stops at each intersection going up Vine Street at Ridge, Vance, and Edgewood and Devonshire. Make them 4-way stops with crosswalks. It’s a safety concern. We need to put 4-way stops at 6th, 7th, Highland, Kable Way, and Neely. It’s a public safety concern. Consider a motion to have Rick Stark craft an ordinance to make those intersections 4-way stops.

  • Rudy Bolea: When are they going to start asphalting? 
  • Ray McCutcheon: No specific date yet.

Ray McCutcheon

Met with Port Authority about sale of our building. Noise, yelling from bus stop. That is one of highest use spots in town. Main St is another high activity. Point before Dollar General is good spot. Would need to take out 3 parking meters, but could put those meters over in front of the old Municipal Building. Port Authority was receptive. Lamar would put up a new shelter there and maintain it. Need Dollar General’s permission to put that shelter there. There’s not a crosswalk in front of old municipal building, so it’s not a good location. They looked at Mill but NIRA doesn’t want people loitering at their building. Idea would be to consolidate it down from two spots into 1 spot.

Corner at Mulberry and 5th – working with PennDot to get that fixed.

Lights at Bliwas are fixed. Will be used a couple nights this week for practice.

1209 1st Ave has been demolished. (the old Henderson property). Very close to obtaining 1205 1st through vacant property program (less than $5,000).

Looked into wireless speaker. Would be over $2,000. Will hold off on that.

New unmarked police car is getting final touches. Looks nice.

Street work. Main Street looks great. That may actually open this weekend. Running way ahead of schedule. Vandalism have been rectified.

Fourth ward will be voting here. Partition will be closed.

January/February plan on presentation to explain cost of building. Water authority. New stormwater DEP passed down another item. Over the next five years, the CWSA has to do $350,000 of restoration along McCabe Run. We’re lucky that our water and sewer authority covers stormwater also. The water authority will handle that. A lot of communities are very upset about it. Businesses will get hit harder than residents. The DEP is pushing these items down and the CWSA just has to abide by them. We’ll talk about that.

Resumes for the library – received quite a few. Will address this soon.

Next Wednesday will port phones from old building to new building.

Zoning variance. Creating a steering committee. Rick Stark is looking into who can be a member of the steering committee.

Planning Commission. We need to address in the next few months.

John May

We need temporary storage unit for new building. Sam’s Club has shed they will build and deliver, 8x12. Temporary for now. Could be permanent. $2,000. Just needs painted. For snowblower, salt, shovels, etc. Restrictions on new lobby prevents storage there.

Robb Cardimen

Reactivate Planning Commission. Look for things on the website to advertise for volunteers. Also steering committee.


State Ave/Montour Street Intersection. Under grant, there is a match. About 20% match. That’s a 4-way intersection. $190,000 total cost with $38,000 match by borough. By November 9th, have to let them know if we’re willing to go forward to do that intersection. That is not in my budget. Decide what we want to do for next week.

Questions from Public

Tom: can lights be put on the stop sign.

Robb Cardimen: It costs about $50 for stop sign. Illuminated? It's $2,185 each. Battery ones? You have to pay for maintenance.

Mr. Murgy weighs in on cleaning and his preferences. Robb Cardimen advised this will be a non-gender-specific application. Personnel committee to decide based on qualifications.

Executive Session (Personnel)

Motion to hire a Public Works Laborer/Truck Driver.


Regular Council Meeting, October 11, 2017

The following notes are not authoritative and should not be construed as such. They are in no way official Council Minutes. This is not a complete transcript, as these are not based on a recording, but are notes compiled in real time based on live attendance by a citizen-volunteer attendee. As such, these notes have not been reviewed, or in any way sanctioned, by Council or the Borough of Coraopolis. The following notes are intended simply as a rough overview/update for Coraopolis residents who were unable to attend in person. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the official minutes should contact the Coraopolis Borough Office at (412) 264-3002.

  • Meeting Called to Order
    • This is the Historic First Regular Council Meeting at the new borough building!
  • Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call of Members

  • Daniel Larocco, 4th Ward
  • Edward Pitassi, 1st Ward
  • David Pendel, 3rd Ward
  • Robb Cardimen, 4th Ward
  • Rudy Bolea, 2nd Ward
  • Calvin “Linc” Jackson, 1st Ward
  • John Pessy, 2nd Ward
  • Ray McCutcheon, Borough Manager
  • Ron Denbow, Police Chief
  • Richard Start, Attorney
  • Larry Lennon, Engineer (Lennon, Smith, & Souleret)
  • John May, Superintendent of Public Works

Not in Attendance:

  • Michael Williams, 3rd Ward
  • Mayor Tony Celeste
  • Chief Larry Byrge

The Agenda

Questions on the Agenda

Terry Steadman Questions the Construction Fund line item, asking is that the final payment for completion of the building?

Ray McCutcheon responds:

  • This is the final for the plumber. The others are partial payment.
  • We’re still paying on it, the building still isn’t completed. We still have the furniture.

Mr. Steadman: Have we have had a final inspection? (McCutcheon responds yes).

  • Motion to Approve the Minutes of September 13, 2017 Regular Council Meeting
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Approved
  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the October 4, 2017 Council Workshop Meeting
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Approved
  • Motion to approve the Invoices for October 2017 in the amount of $132,039.41
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pendel
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
  • Motion to approval the Payroll for the month of September 2017 in the amount of $166,719.00
    • Moved by: Pendel
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
  • Motion to approve the Invoices for the new municipal building in the amount of $107,545.50 from the Construction Fund Account.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
    • Comments:
      • McCutcheon: DeMarco – hold check until they finish the door and sidewalk
      • Bolea: Is plumber finished? McCutcheon: yes
      • Bolea: Electrician? McCutcheon: Still owe.
      • Bolea/McCutcheon: This total includes Demarco’s, but they will hold it until services completed.
  • Motion to approve the payment of $24,877.05 to the Coraopolis VFD Relief Fund.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
    • Comments: Cardimen comments this is for safety gear.
  • Motion to approve Concurring Resolution 17-276 formally requesting a CDBG Year 44 Grant in the amount of $447,280.00 for the Hiland Avenue Road Reconstruction and ADA Ramps.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Comments: Bolea confirms with McCutcheon that this is the 800 block of Hiland
  • Motion to approve Concurring Resolution 17-277 formally requesting a CDBG Year 44 Grant in the amount of $90,000.00 for a Wheelchair lift at the Coraopolis Memorial Library.
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Larocco
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
  • Motion to authorize the Borough Manager to execute a Conditional Agreement of Sale between the Borough and the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County for the acquisition of 1205 1st Avenue, Coraopolis and make payment not to exceed $10,000.00, ten thousand dollars.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries

Solicitors Report

Nothing new to report

Police Chief’s Report

Month of September 2017:

  • 904 calls
  • 11946 all year
  • 352 total complaints
  • 150 criminal investigations
  • 202 civil investigations
  • $1000 property recovered
  • 269 parking tags issued
  • $3,018 meter tally
  • 1 vehicle towed
  • 17 alarms went off

Fire Chief/Fire Marshall’s Report

Not present – will be presented during Robb Cardimen’s comments.

Borough Engineer’s Report

  • Basketball Court: Waiting on State Budget
  • Riverfront Park: Waiting on State Budget
  • Bid Documents provided to Cog for Mill Street / Bid scheduled
  • 929 5th Avenue: no action tonight
  • First Avenue, Second Avenue: Scheduled to start utility work in next week. Will complete in November.
  • Brick Repairs: $99,453.16 partial payment to Stefanik received from contract ($342,000)


  • Motion to approve payment of $99,453.16 to Stefanik.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Comments: McCutcheon – they’ve been doing a nice job


  • Main Street
    • Water line been completed
    • Roadway work to begin on Monday
  • MS4 Permit: new permit application was submitted to DEP prior to deadline

Committee Reports/Comments from Council

John May, Superintendent of Public Works

  • Used Backhoe: make payment to Cleveland Brothers, add to monthly invoices


  • Motion is made to pay invoice to Cleveland Brothers for payment of Backhoe
    • Moved by: Pendel
    • Seconded by: Larocco
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Questions:
      • Bolea: buckets? May: Issue was tabled as potential additional purchase in the future
      • Jackson: we approved this last week? McCutcheon: we need to approve the payment (we previously approved purchase)
      • Jackson: has amount changed? McCutcheon: No.


John Pessy, Parks & Recreation Committee



Calvin "Linc" Jackson, Parks & Recreation Committee

During the August meeting, a resident asked question about borough business, and too much time was spent ferreting out who was posing the question. He believes that regardless, the answer council provides should be the same and therefore we should answer the question regardless of who is asking, as long as it’s about borough business.


Rudy Bolea, Personnel and Finance Committees



Dan Larocco, Public Works and Public Safety Committees

Brick repairs continue. He is receiving complaints about parking during work. It takes a lot of time to do this. Brick Repair should be through the end of October. Asphalt should start before Halloween. They’re doing a good job.


Edward Pitassi, Library Committee and Shade Tree Commission

  • October 18th 6:30 p.m. is the Library Halloween Party.
  • Family Fall Fun at the Library October 21st, 10 a.m.
  • The Halloween Magic Show October 25th at 6:30 p.m. 
  • Announcement: Susan McClelland is leaving and has offered written notice.
  • On October 26th, the library is closing at 5:00 for Halloween.


  • Motion to accept the resignation of Susan McClelland as librarian.
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Pendel
    • Passes


  • Question by Pessy: When is Borough Trick-or-Treating?
  • Chief Denbow: Thursday, October 26th from 6-8  


David Pendel, Personnel & Finance Committees

Computer and Appliance Recycling event in Findlay Twp, October 28th from 10-2 at their municipal building located at 1271 Rte 30 in Clinton. The event is open to all. One TV of any size accepted per vehicle. For a fee, there will be onsite acceptance of refrigerators and such. These items cannot be accepted by our garbagemen.


VFD Report by Robb Cardimen

There were 6 calls for September (these were detailed).


Robb Cardimen, Council President

Council is aware of the excessive speed on Vine Street and the issue of the safety of children at bus stops. The Police Chief has been at that location and monitored. They are working closely with engineers about the possibility of putting in speed humps. Council is trying to expedite this to control traffic in that area. People are coming from Montour and taking a detour on Vine. Even school buses are in violation of speed. They are aware and are doing something about it. “We’re not going to stand for this speeding any longer.” Chief Denbow is going to get one of the speed signs up there and begin collecting data. There are no cameras on those electronic signs. They will see if TransAssociates can add to their scope and handle this. Would like to do something within the next 90 days, if possible.


Ray McCutcheon, Borough Manager

  • Has started working on the 2018 Budget.
  • Borough Electrician: still some issues on 5th Avenue. Some by Penndot. We are repairing it. This is all right along 5th Avenue but also in the parking lot. Cost for repairs to get lights fix
  • Soccer Fields


  • Motion to authorize borough electrician to repair the decorative lights on 5th Avenue and some lights on Mill Street (but not the poles), the parking lot across from the old Municipal Bldg, not to exceed $2,000.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries  
  • Motion to authorize the posting of an advertisement for a new Librarian.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries  
    • Comments:
      • Pessy: would that include salary attached to that?
      • McCutcheon: We have a ballpark and intend to stick with the same range as previously. We can address specifics later when we have candidates.
  • Motion to pay invoice from Capri Glass for top of the conference room  
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries 

Comments from the Public

Frank Murphy, Ridge Avenue

  • Police Department/Fire Department came out to his place due to smell of gas
    • People were right on the ball, got right out there
    • Thanked Cardimen – very very thorough and concerned
  • Commended Council for beautiful new building
  • The town seems to be changing “I think they’re for the good”
  • Soccer field – lots of business down here in Coraopolis
  • Ballot changes are a serious concern for every municipality in Allegheny County

Mr. Toomey

  • Bricks on Cable Way: bricks are still there
  • Survey Information Mailers?
    • McCutcheon: This is an income survey information for CDBG. We will only be considered if people fill it out and return it.  Highland Ave. The survey information is kept very confidential. Once he gets it to the State, he puts it in the shredder. 
    • Cardimen: We were disqualified for 2 grants last year because people aren’t returning them. Almost half a million dollars.

Dana Watkins, Highland Avenue

  • Very beautiful – so proud of you guys and what you’ve done here.
    • Grand Opening?
      • Cardimen: working on IT / dispatch / computer / phone – then our address will be ported over and we can have an official opening
      • McCutcheon: We will have an official grand opening event, yes. For now, the water bill still goes up to the old building

Terry Stevens, Ridge Avenue

  • If we don’t have State Budget approval in next 60 days, will there be in any distress?
    • ·McCutcheon:
      • No problem for the borough
      • It won’t affect us for next year either. We are in good shape.
      • We didn’t have to raise taxes to fund the $1 million roadwork.
  • Questions about nonbinding referendum on the ballot and various other questions
    • Cardimen: We intend to continue the borough’s forward progression.

Dennis and Amy, Vance Avenue

  • Landlords are renting to RMU students – two properties next to us
    • Supposed to be single family residence
    • Renters are partying and excessive vehicles
    • 200 kids nextdoor partying. When the police came, they went over the fence behind, damaging the neighbor’s yard.
    • Unable to park at their house because driveway is blocked
    • Disrepair. Couch on porch of the house and gutters are coming off
    • They’ve gotten harassment from the neighbors since Officer Quinn came out in response to their call
    • Landlord “It’s not my problem”
    • Atty Start: Code issue enforcement, Ingress/Egress issues related to health/safety; “We’re not going to be known as a party town. We want to be a family town.”
    • Chief Denbow: You have to call anytime there is a problem. He keeps a folder and talks to the college.
    • The Council is also currently monitoring a decision in Slippery Rock where a 3rd citation results in landlord being cited. They’re watching this closely for possible implementation locally.


  • Moved by: Bolea
  • Seconded by: Pitassi
  • All in favor/carries.

Workshop Meeting, October 4, 2017

The following notes are not authoritative and should not be construed as such. They are in no way official Council Minutes. This is not a complete transcript, as these are not based on a recording, but are notes compiled in real time based on live attendance by a citizen-volunteer attendee. As such, these notes have not been reviewed, or in any way sanctioned, by Council or the Borough of Coraopolis. The following notes are intended simply as a rough overview/update for Coraopolis residents who were unable to attend in person. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the official minutes should contact the Coraopolis Borough Office at (412) 264-3002.

Roll Call

In attendance: Robb Cardimen, Edward Pitassi, Linc Jackson, Rudy Bolea, Michael Williams, Dave Pendel, Dan Larocco, Ray McCutcheon, John May, Chief Denbow.

Not Present: Anthony Celeste, John Pessy

Questions on the Agenda

  • Motion to approve Resolution 17-274 distributing the General Municipal Pension System Aid in the amount of $119,294.58 in accordance with the MMO for the Municipal Pension Funds.
    • Question by Rudy Bolea: What is the General Municipal Pension System?
    • Answer by Ray McCutcheon: The State gives us some money toward the pensions.
    • Bolea moves, Pendel seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to approve Resolution 17-275 approving the acquisition and subsequent disposition of Lot and Block Number 342-A-259 (Mill Street) through the Allegheny County Vacant Property Recovery Program.
    • Clarification by Ray McCutcheon: this is the property at Mill and 2nd
    • Larocco moves, Williams seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to approve the transfer of funds to IIG Client Services in the amount of $142,903.00 for the Borough Pension Plan and the Employee Pension Plan.
    • Larocco moves. Pitassi seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to authorize Police Chief Denbow to purchase a new police vehicle from Day Ford in the amount of $49,374.00 with the trade-in of the 2011 Ford F-150 purchased with DEA funds for a net price of $22,874.00 utilizing DEA funds.
    • Question by Linc Jackson about whether DEA Funds to cover net price as well. Ray McCutcheon says yes, but clarifies that we would be advancing the money and the Police Department would be repaying that money as soon as the funds are released to them.
    • Question by Dave Pendel whether car is fully equipped. Chief Denbow says yes.
    • A resulting discussion points out that, in the past 8 years, the Borough Police have purchased between 6 and 8 cars with DEA funds.
    • Larocco moves. Williams seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to purchase a used 2013 Caterpillar 4WD Backhoe from Cleveland Brothers in the amount of $45,000 with the trade-in of the 1997 Case 580 Backhoe for a net price of $40,500.
    • Question by Linc Jackson as to whether the $40,500 is the price to be paid by the borough. Also wanting more information on necessity and cost comparison. 
    • John May responds that the old backhoe has a hole in the engine block. A brand new backhoe would have cost $96,000. We cannot use the CWSA backhoe for salting, so a second machine is necessary, and the borough has had at least two machines for decades. Caterpillar has maintained this used backhoe meticulously, and Dan Larocco and Rob Cardimen both inspected it and stipulated to its condition.
    • Bolea moves. Pitassi seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to approve the agreement with Jordan Tax Service, Inc. for the years 2018 through 2021 for Borough Real Estate Tax Collection.
    • Bolea moves. Pitassi seconds. Roll call vote carries.
  • Motion to authorize the closing of Mill Street on October 21, 2017 in conjunction with the east side of the 935 5th Avenue Parking Lot for a harvest fest from 9am to 2pm.
    • Questions raised by Linc Jackson and Rudy Bolea to clarify which portions exactly would be closed off and as to necessity. 
    • Ray McCutcheon responds that only the right half of the parking lot (closest to the scuba shop) was closed, and that enough interest had been raised that additional space was needed.
    • Bolea moves. Pitassi seconds. Carries.
  • Euclid Avenue is discussed. John May explains that there is a grade problem on this road affecting our local capability to maneuver plow/salt vehicles during snow. Prior discussions with Moon Twp about this area were not fruitful. John May is requesting that a concrete barrier be put in place during the winter months to block access. He is concerned that otherwise, the borough will be faced with having to rescue stranded borough vehicles. Asks that this be considered and voted on next week.
  • 1st Avenue and Broadway Overlook is discussed. The overlook was installed in the early 70s and has begun to show its age. The railing is loose, and John May would like others to go out and inspect this, as he does not want anyone hurt. May need to temporarily close for safety. John May's team is not able to rebuild it - this would need to be subcontracted. However, his team can do the demo, if that saves money.
    • Ed Pitassi affirms that he has been out there and felt the railing could potentially give way if leaned on hard enough.
    • Rudy Bolea advises that he does not believe it prudent to invest money in a new structure until the borough has a master plan for the Waterfront.
    • Linc Jackson expresses that area residents love this park, and points out that any long-term plans for the Waterfront would be so remote that a beloved neighborhood feature couldn't be closed for that long.
    • It is suggested that John May should have someone provide estimates and work scope for further discussion/consideration of the issue. Council agreed that given it's condition, safety should be the first concern.

Comments from Council

Rudy Bolea

  • People on Watt Street and Montour Street are making turns from the incorrect lane. Wonders if additional signage might be beneficial. 
    • Suggestion discussed by council and ultimately rejected by Chief Denbow who advised that drivers are held responsible for obeying traffic laws by his officers' citations.
  • Ridge Avenue closing looks terrible, and the appearance needs to be improved given the proximity to the new soccer fields.
    • Discussion of options. John May to price out getting a gate installed. As the gate would very rarely every need to be opened, traffic could be held back for gate opening when necessary.

Dan Larocco

  • Praises new building
  • Voting in the 4th Ward will occur in the new borough building on 4th. Voting in the 3rd Ward will occur at the VFW. Dan worked hard to get this approved by the voting board prior to the coming election. Asks if a mailer has gone out to anyone in the 3rd or 4th Ward. Those present say no. Ray McCutcheon will follow up to see that these are sent.

Michael Williams

  • Michael took a moment to remind everybody to take extra caution when navigating the roads. Coraopolis doesn't want an accident like the recent tragedy in Moon.

Edward Pitassi

  • Ed reports that they have repainting the flagpole at the library and put a new flag up, but they need a light at the base of the pole since it will be flying all the time. He is unsure whether the electric cord at the base of the flagpole is live. Henry will look at this and get a cost estimate for him, and Ed will present this to the library to see if their funds can cover it.
  • The Shade Tree Commission has lost two members but may have gained another two. One of the volunteers is from McKees Rocks. There was some discussion about this, and the consensus is that the Shade Tree Commission will happily take any and all volunteers no matter what area they are from; however, when a new commissioner is found, they will need to check the ordinance if he/she is not a Coraopolis resident to see what the rules state.
  • Many people in the area have asked for a dog park. This was discussed by council at length; however, this was shelved for the time being as there is a desperate need for general greenspace parks for residents which will need to take priority, and the logistics of a dog park would have its own challenges such as maintenance, noise proximity to housing, and a system for enforcement of cleanliness. It was also pointed out that there is a nearby dog park in Moon Twp on Flaugherty Run Road.

David Pendel

  • Reiterated praise for new borough building and thanked Ray McCutcheon for all of his hard work. Points out that the feasibility study by the engineer had projected a minimum of $3.7 million to repair the old building. 
  • Also praised the current streetwork project and its visibility. 

Robb Cardimen

  • Plaques from old building have all found placement except for one from 1970s. Asks for motion to donate to Joe Divito at the Coraopolis Historical Society. Motion carries.

John May

  • In the alley behind 872 4th Avenue, a resident would like to pour a parking pad, but there is a "Watch Children" sign in place which he/she would like moved. There are children in the area, so this will be a relocation. John May will inspect for a new location and council will reconsider at a later date.
  • Bliwas field has no power. The meter circuit is bad and the service line is corroded and needs to be replaced. The repair estimate is $4,512. Duquesne Light needs to be on hand for this to proceed and they are currently not available; however, this will need to be remedied in the fall so that the ballfield is ready to go for the spring season. A motion proposed to pay H&L Electric $4,512, but then an Amended Motion is immediately re-proposed to pay H&L Electric an undetermined amount not to exceed $5,000 for electric repairs to Bliwas field as soon as they are able to move forward. Moved by Linc Jackson. Second by Rudy Bolea. Roll call vote carries.

Ray McCutcheon

  • Thanks the Newkirk couple, who is present, for their Vacant Property Program in which they have repaired about 1/2 dozen properties in Coraopolis.
  • Regarding the new building, would like to discuss getting quotes for cleaning maintenance. Would prefer an individual over a service as the quality of care would be better and the price would be more reasonable. Would like to advertise. Dave Pendel believes that it will be necessary to formulate a Job Description and pay structure prior to advertising. The cleaning service was priced out at $500/month for only 2 days per week minimal cleaning. 
  • For purposes of protecting the town's investment in the new furniture, they have been fitting would surfaces with glass. Would like to have the Executive Conference Room table also outfitted with glass so that it will last as long as possible. Capri Glass has quoted $750. Bolea makes a motion to pay $750 to Capri Glass from the Construction Fund to provide a glass cover for the Executive Conference Room table. Dave Pendel seconds this. Roll Call vote carries.
  • New soccer fields discussed. The Riverhounds now intends to construct a building onsite to train players year round. PennDot would like them to put in a turning lane.
  • A movie company will be filming at Barto's on October 9th from 3:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. There will be minimal to no road stoppage. There will be big lights on site after dark which could disturb neighbors, so they will be notified.

As a final note, Robb Cardimen reminds everyone that Mindunters will premier on Netflix on October 17th. Mindunters was partly filmed in Coraopolis.

Council retires to Executive Session.