CWSA Regular Meeting, October 18, 2017

The following notes are not authoritative and should not be construed as such. They are in no way official CWSA Minutes. This is not a complete transcript, as these are not based on a recording, but are notes compiled in real time based on live attendance by a citizen-volunteer attendee. As such, these notes have not been reviewed, or in any way sanctioned, by Council, the CWSA, or the Borough of Coraopolis. The following notes are intended simply as a rough overview/update for Coraopolis residents who were unable to attend in person. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the official minutes should contact the Coraopolis Borough Office at (412) 264-3002.

Roll Call

  • John W. Schombert, President
  • Robb Cardimen, Vice President
  • George Mihalyi, Secretary
  • Karl Groom
  • Charles Spencer

Also Present

  • Chris Hallock, Solicitor, Gaitens, Tucceri & Nicholas
  • Larry Lennon, Jr., Authority Engineer, Lennon Smith & Souleret
  • Drew Null, Authority Engineer,  Lennon Smith & Souleret
  • Richard Deems, Superintendent
  • Ray McCutcheon, Manager

Questions on the Agenda


Audience Remarks

No notifications of attendance.

Tom Toomey, Kable Way

  • Trash is getting into sewer
  • He was asked to notify water authority 

Agenda Items

  • Motion to approve Minutes from September 20, 2017 Authority Meeting.
    • First: George Mihalyi
    • Second: Charles Spencer
    • Roll Call Vote Carries
  • Motion to approve Water Invoices for October 2017 in the amount of $45,499.68.
    • First: Robb Cardimen
    • Second: George Mihalyi
    • Roll Call Vote Carries
  • Motion to approve additional separate invoice in the amount of $3,234.70 to H&LE Electric – re No. 3 controller for the water plant – replaced breaker leading to failure.
    • First: Robb Cardimen
    • Second: Charles Spencer
    • Roll Call Vote Carries
  • Motion to approve Sewer invoices for November 2017 in the amount of $52,458.08.
    • First: George Mihalyi
    • Second: Karl Groom
    • Roll Call Vote Carries
  • Motion to approve Concurring Resolution 17-69 to apply for a CDBG Year 44 Grant for the Kable Way Sewer Replacement Project.
    • First: Charles Spencer
    • Second: Karl Groom
    • Roll Call Vote Carries

Manager’s Report, by Ray McCutcheon

  • Financials looking normal.
  • A couple big projects coming up.
  • Main St Project already underway.
  • CDBG Grant Income Survey went out about a week ago. This is for Kable Way.
    • Tom Toomey, Kable Way requests an update to be put on the website so people are more aware.
    • Toward the ends of the month, Ray will go out to residents to follow up as well.

Engineer’s Report, by Larry Lennon, Jr.

  • Application for well replacement under reconsideration
  • Studies underway to look at options for gravel bed to give more depth in filter for resin. Should have recommendation at November meeting re: replacing resin filter.
  • Health Dept Sanitary inspection for permit application. Clear well relining project. May need to use Moon water for 1 week.
  • Center Street flood pump generator fuel tank – multiple grant requests submitted.
  • Main St water line improvements. Water line work completed. Tested. In service. Now working on road work. Pulling up bricks. Paving in next 2 weeks. Then must cure. No action required by CWSA board right now.
  • Long-Term Control Plan
    • Smoke & Dye testing completed.


  • Motion to pay Invoice in the amount of $10,475 to Tri-State Maintenance, Incorporated for smoke & dye test work.
    • First: Charles Spencer
    • Second: George Mihalyi
    • Roll Call Carries


  • Plans to have report in November meeting.
  • DEP wants meeting re long-term control plan. Can we achive flow reduction projected with green infrastructire, pipe repairs, etc. and questions about screening. Expect to hear back in the next 30 days; will table.
  • 5th Ave Project – discussion with PennDOT; they’re going back to contractor regarding manhole.
  • Howard St Sanitary Sewer Program – grant program anticipated to reopen this fall but on hold due to state budget approval issue.
  • MS4 compliance permit submitted. No change.
  • 2017 Borough Roadway Project
  • 1st & 2nd Ave inspection
  • Stormwater Analysis and Report kickoff coming soon

Superintendent’s Report, by Richard Deems

  • Water produced 10.8 million gallons for September
  • H&L replaced back breaker
  • Itemizes individual fixes throughout town
  • Tri-State located 2 buried manholes. Detailed process of line cleaning. There was nothing wrong with the main on Ridge Ave. It was definitely the lateral.
  • Uncovered buried manhole on Marion Drive.
  • Sewer system – county did surprise inspection of pump stations.
  • Well number 6 was starting to break suction today. Last cleaned in 2011. It’s a good well. Low in iron and manganese. Would like to have the well cleaned and rehabilitated.  Costs around $40,000. Would like a bid open next month.


  • Authorization to advertise for bid for the cleaning of Well 6.
  • First: George Mihalyi
  • Second: Karl Groom
  • Roll call carries

Solicitor’s Report: Chris Hallock

No updates to my items this month.

To report later on water shutoff resolution

Old Business


New Business

Robb Cardimen: payments for credit/debit needs to be looked at. Let’s keep this on the agenda.

Ray McCutcheon: RSA fees are not going up much next year. Got started on budget. Question about stormwater fee and how to work through that. (Per John Schombert, will look at this shortly.)


  • First: Robb Cardimen
  • Second: Charles Spencer
  • Carries, adjourned.