Regular Council Meeting, October 11, 2017

The following notes are not authoritative and should not be construed as such. They are in no way official Council Minutes. This is not a complete transcript, as these are not based on a recording, but are notes compiled in real time based on live attendance by a citizen-volunteer attendee. As such, these notes have not been reviewed, or in any way sanctioned, by Council or the Borough of Coraopolis. The following notes are intended simply as a rough overview/update for Coraopolis residents who were unable to attend in person. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the official minutes should contact the Coraopolis Borough Office at (412) 264-3002.

  • Meeting Called to Order
    • This is the Historic First Regular Council Meeting at the new borough building!
  • Pledge to the Flag

Roll Call of Members

  • Daniel Larocco, 4th Ward
  • Edward Pitassi, 1st Ward
  • David Pendel, 3rd Ward
  • Robb Cardimen, 4th Ward
  • Rudy Bolea, 2nd Ward
  • Calvin “Linc” Jackson, 1st Ward
  • John Pessy, 2nd Ward
  • Ray McCutcheon, Borough Manager
  • Ron Denbow, Police Chief
  • Richard Start, Attorney
  • Larry Lennon, Engineer (Lennon, Smith, & Souleret)
  • John May, Superintendent of Public Works

Not in Attendance:

  • Michael Williams, 3rd Ward
  • Mayor Tony Celeste
  • Chief Larry Byrge

The Agenda

Questions on the Agenda

Terry Steadman Questions the Construction Fund line item, asking is that the final payment for completion of the building?

Ray McCutcheon responds:

  • This is the final for the plumber. The others are partial payment.
  • We’re still paying on it, the building still isn’t completed. We still have the furniture.

Mr. Steadman: Have we have had a final inspection? (McCutcheon responds yes).

  • Motion to Approve the Minutes of September 13, 2017 Regular Council Meeting
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Approved
  • Motion to approve the Minutes of the October 4, 2017 Council Workshop Meeting
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Approved
  • Motion to approve the Invoices for October 2017 in the amount of $132,039.41
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pendel
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
  • Motion to approval the Payroll for the month of September 2017 in the amount of $166,719.00
    • Moved by: Pendel
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
  • Motion to approve the Invoices for the new municipal building in the amount of $107,545.50 from the Construction Fund Account.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
    • Comments:
      • McCutcheon: DeMarco – hold check until they finish the door and sidewalk
      • Bolea: Is plumber finished? McCutcheon: yes
      • Bolea: Electrician? McCutcheon: Still owe.
      • Bolea/McCutcheon: This total includes Demarco’s, but they will hold it until services completed.
  • Motion to approve the payment of $24,877.05 to the Coraopolis VFD Relief Fund.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes (Pessy votes ‘no’) carries
    • Comments: Cardimen comments this is for safety gear.
  • Motion to approve Concurring Resolution 17-276 formally requesting a CDBG Year 44 Grant in the amount of $447,280.00 for the Hiland Avenue Road Reconstruction and ADA Ramps.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Comments: Bolea confirms with McCutcheon that this is the 800 block of Hiland
  • Motion to approve Concurring Resolution 17-277 formally requesting a CDBG Year 44 Grant in the amount of $90,000.00 for a Wheelchair lift at the Coraopolis Memorial Library.
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Larocco
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
  • Motion to authorize the Borough Manager to execute a Conditional Agreement of Sale between the Borough and the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County for the acquisition of 1205 1st Avenue, Coraopolis and make payment not to exceed $10,000.00, ten thousand dollars.
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries

Solicitors Report

Nothing new to report

Police Chief’s Report

Month of September 2017:

  • 904 calls
  • 11946 all year
  • 352 total complaints
  • 150 criminal investigations
  • 202 civil investigations
  • $1000 property recovered
  • 269 parking tags issued
  • $3,018 meter tally
  • 1 vehicle towed
  • 17 alarms went off

Fire Chief/Fire Marshall’s Report

Not present – will be presented during Robb Cardimen’s comments.

Borough Engineer’s Report

  • Basketball Court: Waiting on State Budget
  • Riverfront Park: Waiting on State Budget
  • Bid Documents provided to Cog for Mill Street / Bid scheduled
  • 929 5th Avenue: no action tonight
  • First Avenue, Second Avenue: Scheduled to start utility work in next week. Will complete in November.
  • Brick Repairs: $99,453.16 partial payment to Stefanik received from contract ($342,000)


  • Motion to approve payment of $99,453.16 to Stefanik.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Comments: McCutcheon – they’ve been doing a nice job


  • Main Street
    • Water line been completed
    • Roadway work to begin on Monday
  • MS4 Permit: new permit application was submitted to DEP prior to deadline

Committee Reports/Comments from Council

John May, Superintendent of Public Works

  • Used Backhoe: make payment to Cleveland Brothers, add to monthly invoices


  • Motion is made to pay invoice to Cleveland Brothers for payment of Backhoe
    • Moved by: Pendel
    • Seconded by: Larocco
    • Roll Call Vote: All yes carries
    • Questions:
      • Bolea: buckets? May: Issue was tabled as potential additional purchase in the future
      • Jackson: we approved this last week? McCutcheon: we need to approve the payment (we previously approved purchase)
      • Jackson: has amount changed? McCutcheon: No.


John Pessy, Parks & Recreation Committee



Calvin "Linc" Jackson, Parks & Recreation Committee

During the August meeting, a resident asked question about borough business, and too much time was spent ferreting out who was posing the question. He believes that regardless, the answer council provides should be the same and therefore we should answer the question regardless of who is asking, as long as it’s about borough business.


Rudy Bolea, Personnel and Finance Committees



Dan Larocco, Public Works and Public Safety Committees

Brick repairs continue. He is receiving complaints about parking during work. It takes a lot of time to do this. Brick Repair should be through the end of October. Asphalt should start before Halloween. They’re doing a good job.


Edward Pitassi, Library Committee and Shade Tree Commission

  • October 18th 6:30 p.m. is the Library Halloween Party.
  • Family Fall Fun at the Library October 21st, 10 a.m.
  • The Halloween Magic Show October 25th at 6:30 p.m. 
  • Announcement: Susan McClelland is leaving and has offered written notice.
  • On October 26th, the library is closing at 5:00 for Halloween.


  • Motion to accept the resignation of Susan McClelland as librarian.
    • Moved by: Pitassi
    • Seconded by: Pendel
    • Passes


  • Question by Pessy: When is Borough Trick-or-Treating?
  • Chief Denbow: Thursday, October 26th from 6-8  


David Pendel, Personnel & Finance Committees

Computer and Appliance Recycling event in Findlay Twp, October 28th from 10-2 at their municipal building located at 1271 Rte 30 in Clinton. The event is open to all. One TV of any size accepted per vehicle. For a fee, there will be onsite acceptance of refrigerators and such. These items cannot be accepted by our garbagemen.


VFD Report by Robb Cardimen

There were 6 calls for September (these were detailed).


Robb Cardimen, Council President

Council is aware of the excessive speed on Vine Street and the issue of the safety of children at bus stops. The Police Chief has been at that location and monitored. They are working closely with engineers about the possibility of putting in speed humps. Council is trying to expedite this to control traffic in that area. People are coming from Montour and taking a detour on Vine. Even school buses are in violation of speed. They are aware and are doing something about it. “We’re not going to stand for this speeding any longer.” Chief Denbow is going to get one of the speed signs up there and begin collecting data. There are no cameras on those electronic signs. They will see if TransAssociates can add to their scope and handle this. Would like to do something within the next 90 days, if possible.


Ray McCutcheon, Borough Manager

  • Has started working on the 2018 Budget.
  • Borough Electrician: still some issues on 5th Avenue. Some by Penndot. We are repairing it. This is all right along 5th Avenue but also in the parking lot. Cost for repairs to get lights fix
  • Soccer Fields


  • Motion to authorize borough electrician to repair the decorative lights on 5th Avenue and some lights on Mill Street (but not the poles), the parking lot across from the old Municipal Bldg, not to exceed $2,000.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries  
  • Motion to authorize the posting of an advertisement for a new Librarian.
    • Moved by: Bolea
    • Seconded by: Pitassi
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries  
    • Comments:
      • Pessy: would that include salary attached to that?
      • McCutcheon: We have a ballpark and intend to stick with the same range as previously. We can address specifics later when we have candidates.
  • Motion to pay invoice from Capri Glass for top of the conference room  
    • Moved by: Larocco
    • Seconded by: Bolea
    • Roll Call Vote: all yes carries 

Comments from the Public

Frank Murphy, Ridge Avenue

  • Police Department/Fire Department came out to his place due to smell of gas
    • People were right on the ball, got right out there
    • Thanked Cardimen – very very thorough and concerned
  • Commended Council for beautiful new building
  • The town seems to be changing “I think they’re for the good”
  • Soccer field – lots of business down here in Coraopolis
  • Ballot changes are a serious concern for every municipality in Allegheny County

Mr. Toomey

  • Bricks on Cable Way: bricks are still there
  • Survey Information Mailers?
    • McCutcheon: This is an income survey information for CDBG. We will only be considered if people fill it out and return it.  Highland Ave. The survey information is kept very confidential. Once he gets it to the State, he puts it in the shredder. 
    • Cardimen: We were disqualified for 2 grants last year because people aren’t returning them. Almost half a million dollars.

Dana Watkins, Highland Avenue

  • Very beautiful – so proud of you guys and what you’ve done here.
    • Grand Opening?
      • Cardimen: working on IT / dispatch / computer / phone – then our address will be ported over and we can have an official opening
      • McCutcheon: We will have an official grand opening event, yes. For now, the water bill still goes up to the old building

Terry Stevens, Ridge Avenue

  • If we don’t have State Budget approval in next 60 days, will there be in any distress?
    • ·McCutcheon:
      • No problem for the borough
      • It won’t affect us for next year either. We are in good shape.
      • We didn’t have to raise taxes to fund the $1 million roadwork.
  • Questions about nonbinding referendum on the ballot and various other questions
    • Cardimen: We intend to continue the borough’s forward progression.

Dennis and Amy, Vance Avenue

  • Landlords are renting to RMU students – two properties next to us
    • Supposed to be single family residence
    • Renters are partying and excessive vehicles
    • 200 kids nextdoor partying. When the police came, they went over the fence behind, damaging the neighbor’s yard.
    • Unable to park at their house because driveway is blocked
    • Disrepair. Couch on porch of the house and gutters are coming off
    • They’ve gotten harassment from the neighbors since Officer Quinn came out in response to their call
    • Landlord “It’s not my problem”
    • Atty Start: Code issue enforcement, Ingress/Egress issues related to health/safety; “We’re not going to be known as a party town. We want to be a family town.”
    • Chief Denbow: You have to call anytime there is a problem. He keeps a folder and talks to the college.
    • The Council is also currently monitoring a decision in Slippery Rock where a 3rd citation results in landlord being cited. They’re watching this closely for possible implementation locally.


  • Moved by: Bolea
  • Seconded by: Pitassi
  • All in favor/carries.