What happens next in Coraopolis?

As you know, I am not officially your mayor, yet. The primary elections on May 16 went a long way in getting me to that office, but it won’t be official until the ballots are counted after the general election on November 7.  I received both the Democrat and Republican (write-in) nominations, and am humbled, honored and grateful for the strong turnout and votes of confidence I’ve heard from many of you since entering the race three months ago.  It’s been an incredible experience meeting (literally) hundreds of you, and hearing about your loves, and concerns, about our town.  Believe this: our best days are ahead.

Today marks three months since I announced this campaign, and one month since the election. And today, I want to remind everyone, however, this was never about me … it’s about you.  Over the next several months, this website will be transforming from a campaign website to a community engagement website.  We want to create a space that provides information, connection, and community.  You will read about activities and events; you will learn about our past and our future; you will have opportunity to step forward and lean in on the work that is happening. 

We have some ideas about what this can be, but we want to hear more.  You tell us what you’d like to see happen – both on this website and in our town – and then tell us what you can do to help make it happen.

As you know, ideas only go so far, and fail to ignite without execution.  So in the coming months I will be asking for people to come forward and give their time and talents for the good of the community.  The 12 Advantages of a Better Community will move beyond theory into practical action. It will take smart, positive, engaged and dedicated people to make it happen.  It will take time. 

Let’s keep thinking, planning, and growing, and let’s stay in touch!  How would you like to be involved in making our advantages shine?  Drop me a note at LoveCoraopolis@gmail.com and let me know how you’re feeling about things, and how you might be able to impact Coraopolis even more:

  1. Safe, secure and prepared – helping our first responders in their duties
  2. Strong institutional foundations: schools, churches, organizations – strengthening through planning, innovation and connection
  3. Great places to eat, drink and shop – support and create new places
  4. Proximity and accessibility to other good places – transportation can grow to gain more access
  5. Greenspace to enjoy – parks and greenspace volunteers needed
  6. Historically proud – learn and teach and honor: how can we do more?
  7. Collaborative leadership – working with other leaders here and beyond to move from criticism to collaboration
  8. Forward-thinking planning – how can we think 5, 10, and 20 years ahead?
  9. Culturally interesting – celebrating the heritages we all have
  10. Clean and aesthetically pleasing – renovations and space management opportunities abound
  11. Opportunities for kind and smart people to make a difference – Open and relevant connection points between people and organizations
  12. Community benevolence – welcoming new residents and honoring all through good policies and actions