The most important lesson I’ve learned running for Mayor of Coraopolis

We are a few days away from election day, and I’ve been reflecting back on the past six months. It has been exciting, it has been humbling, and it has been fun. To undertake a campaign for any kind of office involves hard work, and I’m incredibly thankful to all those who have lent me a hand.  I have learned that there are countless good, caring people in this town who want nothing more for us to grow and prosper – continuing on a trajectory that we already see.  To those new friends I’ve met, both inside our borough operations and outside of it: THANK YOU for what you have already done for Coraopolis.


We have come far, and we should celebrate that together.  But we also have far to go. And we should work together to make sure we get there.  I have not deviated from the direction I set out when I listed what I want to see Coraopolis become – or become more of – in the coming years … the advantages of a better community.  Find them HERE. I’ve learned that it is good to have a plan. We have been more reactive than proactive in Coraopolis over the years, and whether that was fueled by a fear of change or lack of initiative, intelligent and careful planning must now happen for our future.  I’ve also learned that it is good to focus on positive outcomes, and intelligent feedback.  Negative or disparaging words and actions never produce results, and always take away much-needed energy.  There is way more good than bad here, people, and I will defend that idea – and our residents – with all of my strength.

These are just a few of the lessons I have learned since announcing that I want to be your Mayor back on March 17th.  But the best lesson came to me from a book, based on the lives of two leaders from our world’s past, Winston Churchill and George Orwell.  From his magnificent book The Fight for Freedom author Thomas E. Ricks writes these words: “If there is anything we can take away from them, it is this … Work diligently to discern the facts of the matter, and then use your principles to respond.”

No one has all the answers, and anyone who pretends to is either delusional or insane. There is much work to do, but – and here is the great news – there are MANY good, smart and caring people to help.

I wish all of the candidates for office the best of luck.  I have met our candidates for council and other offices, and I see value in each of them. If elected, I will be anxious to get started working with everyone, and will look forward to helping make a difference.  Please get out and vote on Tuesday – I’ll be at each of the polling stations throughout the day, and would love to meet you.

Thank you for caring about Coraopolis.