The Advantages of a Better Community.


Not long after deciding that I wanted to become mayor of Coraopolis, the town I love, I wanted to make a list of what I believed makes a community special enough to want to live in, and invest in.  Every city and town in the world is a little different, and something always makes them unique. But there are certain characteristics that almost every place has – or inspires to have – that make it thrive.  This is the list I came up with, and though perhaps there are others that could be added, I think it represents what many of us want to see continue to happen in Coraopolis.


For 25 years, I have lived in Coraopolis, and spent a lot of that time working alongside others who also have similar visions and hopes for our community.  In the coming weeks, we will expound on each of these advantages of a better community and talk through what they mean.  But we’d also like to hear from you. What do YOU like about living here? And what would YOU make a priority if it was up to you?

I’m incredibly grateful for the men and women who have made Coraopolis a great place to live, for the generations who have lived and served before. I’m also confident that we have amazing years ahead of us as we work together to continue to create the place we all call home.  Even if some people can’t pronounce it!

Thankful for the dedication of all who make our town great,
Shawn P. Reed
Mayor of Coraopolis